The West End Jazz Band Vol. 3 “Louder and Funnier”

1. Do Shuffle
2. Gee, It Must Be Love; Leah LaBrea, vcl.
3. Third Rail
4. ‘Round My Heart
5. Hallucinations
6. There Ain’t No Land Like Dixieland; John Otto, vcl.
7. Stampede
8. Laughing At Life; Mike Walbridge, vcl.
9. Roodles
10. Moanin’ For You; Leah LaBrea, vcl.
11. Persian Rug
12. How I’ll Miss You (When The Summer Is Gone); band, vcl.
13. Sugar Babe; Leah LaBrea, vcl.
14. Postage Stomp
15. I May Be Wrong; The South Shore Melody Boys, vcl.
16. Louder and Funnier; band vcl.
17. Baby Your Mother; Leah LaBrea, vcl.
18. Skinner’s Sock
19. Coffee In The Morning and Kisses In The Night; Leah LaBrea, vcl.
20. And Especially You; Mike Bezin, vcl.
21. Tomorrow Mornin’