FRANK GUALTIERI  has lived and worked in the Chicago area his entire life except when he attended the U of I in Champaign Urbana, Illinois, where he majored in music education. He has since left the teaching profession and today is an information systems project manager. Frank says he almost majored in computer science but, at the time, didnít think there was much future in it! But he was the main driving force in getting the WEJB its web site.

Frankís musical roots are in big bands and post be-bop jazz. However, he first became enamored with traditional jazz while at the university, when, every Saturday night, he went to the Ground Round where the Memphis Nighthawks played. Since then, he has been looking for a good traditional jazz band to join. He finally hooked up with Mike Bezin and crew around the turn of the millennium, and couldnít be happier. A well-rounded musician, Frank has played with many bands in and around Chicago including jobbing bands, Latin bands, big bands, swing bands, jazz combos, and musicals. He was a member of the Bob Perna Orchestra, a very musical jazz group, for many years. Along the way, Frankís played under the direction of some well-known leaders such as Ralph Marterie, Ray McKinley, Lee Castle, Sammy Kaye and Doc Severenson.

These days, traditional jazz, Dixieland and hot dance music are his favorites to play and all he needs to keep him busy and musically happy. His solos are exciting and fresh and his beautiful tone on the sweeter dance tunes is wonderful to hear. His enthusiasm is unbounded, his patience is admirable, and heís a much-appreciated member of the WEJB.

Frank now lives in Gurnee, Illinois, in a house full of women; wife Brenda, a pharmacist, and three lovely daughters. Besides managing the many affairs of house and home, Brenda and Frank enjoy dancing, the theatre, and traveling.